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  Registration for Fall Sports
With September just around the corner, we want to make everyone aware of some basic guidelines for registering for Fall Sport clubs. We have made a couple minor changes with the process, in particular, the time frames. Please review the simple rules and guidelines, in order to ensure you can participate in the sports that interest you!

If you do not register in advance for a sport, please be aware that there is a possibility that your desired sport might fill up! Please plan ahead and register! We cannot guarantee that there will be enough spots available on a team for everyone that wants to play - this changes, based upon the number of coaches and volunteers.

THANK YOU!                                                               - Jeff, Registrar

  1. Use the registration package listed under "FORMS" on our website - it is only good for FALL 2017/WINTER SPORTS. We will have a different package available in March to use for Summer and Fall of 2018!
  2. If you did not mail payment with the package, you MUST bring payment to the first practice!
  3. Returning athletes only need to send pages 9 through 12. Sending more means you need an extra stamp!
  4. You are required to fill out a registration package for this Fall if you did not fill one out earlier this year! We require updated records for all athletes.
  5. Please do not mail cash!
   It's Time to Dance!

Friday night dances are back next month, and as usual will be taking place on the first Friday of each month!

Sept 8 • Oct 5 • Nov 3

Dec 8 Christmas Dinner and Dance

Jan 5 • Feb 2 • Mar 2 • Apr 6 • May 4

Bocce 2017

The season is coming to an end and I believe a great time was had by all. Some nights we had close to 50 athletes out playing, we also sent three athletes to the Provincial games - all three came home with medals. WELL DONE! The quality of play continues to improve each year and so does the number of participants. A big thank you goes out to all of the coaches and volunteers who, without their support, Bocce would not be possible - Gary Hutts, Barb Henry, Mary Hannah, Ken Embury, Karen Cambridge, Paul Brioux and Michelle Arndt - we thank you! We also send a thank you out to the Peterborough Italian Club for their support.

Remember, the Bocce End-of-Season Celebration is tasking place on August 28th, with the Italian Club. Reach out to one of the Bocce coaches if you have any questions at all! 

Bocce Team Standings as of August 5, 2017
 Tiger Cats  9 4 1 33
 Stampeders  8 30 
 Alouettes  7 5 30 
 Argos  7 6 29 
 Rough Riders  6 28 
 Eskimos  6 27 
 BC Lions  5 25 
 Red & Black  4 10  22