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Click HERE to see some photos from the evening's events! Or here to read the online article in the Examiner!

If you want a copy of the photo slideshow that was playing at the AGM, please click here.

We then spent the rest of the evening, recognizing athletes and coaches/volunteers for their outstanding contributions to their sports teams, and to Special Olympics Peterborough as an organization. Below is a list of all recipients of Recognition certificates for successful participation in various levels of competition, as well as the Award Winners, in the order they were presented:

Provincials Atheltes: Krista Embury
Nationals Athletes: Makaya Dafoe, Lisa Butler, Steve Caban, Richard Byrd, Ryan Blinn, Adam Guthrie
Nationals Coaches: Perry Byrd, Ron Cambridge

Volunteer Service Awards:  5 Years - Jill Chapman, Erika Howe-Gallagher, Mary Wawrykow, Allyson Creaser 
                                               10 Years - 
Patrick Henry, Debbie Quinlan 
                                               15 Years - Ron Cambridge

Female Athlete of the Year: Lisa Butler        Nominees: Carly Hopkinson

Male Athlete of the Year: Corey Pecoskie    Nominees: Steve Caban, Ryan Blinn, Richard Byrd

Sport Club of the Year: Peterborough Piranhas Swim Team

Volunteer of the Year: Ron Cambridge         Nominees: Perry Byrd, Debbie Quinlan, Jeff Hopkins

Athlete Lifetime Achievement Award: Steve Caban

Volunteer Lifetime Achievement Award: Bill Strode

CONGRATULATIONS to all Winners and Category Nominees!